Summer songs

Here are a couple that have been in the book for a while but I never got around to posting.

The first one is a hazy summers classic from Belle and Sebastian

A Summer Wasting

and just the thing for this hot weather when all you want to do is laze about

Sunny Afternoon

Cluck Old Hen

Here’s an old timey standard that uses only two chords. It’s an Appalachian fiddle and banjo tune that will sound just as great on any other collection of four stringed instruments. We hope you have fun playing around with this one.

Download the song sheet here: Cluck Old Hen

Summertime – George Gershwin

If you can’t beat the heat, you sing about it. This song was originally composed as an aria for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess. It has since become a jazz standard and is considered one of the covered songs in the history of recorded music! This version is in D minor.

We thank Richard G for the song sheet we are using. Download it here: Summertime

Flowers On The Wall

My aunty had a Statler Brothers cassette that she used to play in her car, I think it was the only one she had in that car… I certainly heard it a lot that summer I stayed with her, and grew to love the songs contained on its magnetic tape.  This one was my favourite, and was their big crossover hit.  You might remember it from Reservoir Dogs, now you can remember it from that time you played it on the uke…

Flowers on the wall