I’ll Tell Me Ma

Here is a fun old traditional Irish tune that can be played as gentle or as raucous as you like it.  And like all the best tunes it’s only got three chords.

You are probably familiar with it, but if you aren’t, here is Sinead O’Conner’s version:


I’ll Tell Me Ma

Barre chords

Sore hand and wrist muscles playing barre chords? Tonight the group practised barre chord techniques. We played around with ways to barre all four strings in ways that cause minimal stress and strain. Namely, we keep relaxed and take advantage of gravity! See tutorial by Stu Fuchs below:

Here is an exercise from Ukester Brown to help you develop barre chord fluidity while sounding cool at the same time. Don’t forget to relax and let that hand fall!

Ukester Brown – Kickball (a fun way to practise barre chords)

Ukester Brown – Kickball (video tutorial)

12 bar blues

For a few weeks we have been opening with 12 bar blues play alongs. Tonight we spiced it up with some theory! We played around with the basic 12 bar blues progression using three different keys: C, A and G.

Link to lesson and video showing how it works, with multiple examples.

So how do you know which chords to play as the fourths (IV) and fifths (V) in a given key? We started with our root note (I) and counted on our fingers up to the fourth and fifth fingers. Here is where it can help to visualise the Circle of Fifths. From any given root note, look anti-clockwise for the fourth note and clockwise for the fifth.